Looking forward to using this blog. I feel very nervous about using I CT’s but every time I learn a new skill or program, I really see the benefit to staying up to date in this area. I can really see the benefits of ICT in teaching too, so I’m looking forward to this semesters challenges and so new learning.

I have 2 great kids who I love to watch learning new things everyday! I have a background in teaching early childhood in New Zealand, where I completed my first degree. So now I am back hoping to keep on top of all the new learning even while I’m not working and to give myself more opportunity to work in the early primary years.

Thats all for now



2 responses to “Introduction”

  1. David Jones says :

    G’day, Congratulations on your first post. Hoping the course helps you keep on top of all the new learning. David.

  2. tessamiller10 says :

    Hi Tannie!
    Learning new ICT skills can be a little overwhelming, but they do have their benefits. I’ve found it all a little daunting myself, but my daughter is in year 2 and has a teacher that integrates alot of apps etc and my daughter really loves it (21st century kids!).

    Thanks for viewing my blog and I to love teaching the little ones. 🙂 If you are having any struggles let me know and we can work on it it together if you like (I’m still trying to get my head around everything!).

    Side note: I spent the first 8 years of my childhood in New Zealand as that is where my dad is originally from.

    Best of luck!

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