Why do some teachers think ICT is optional?

Reflection on the Betchablog at http://chrisbetcher.com/2011/05/you-dont-have-to-like-it/. This blog and the subsequent comments make very valid points on the importance of teachers being open  and proactive in ‘keeping up’ with and implementing ICT in their teaching practice. Why should some students suffer by not having these opportunities to use ICT opened up to them, because the teacher is not themselves willing to be an active learner.

On a professional note also, it is a very valid comment that surgeons can’t just say I”m old school and stop learning and anyone in the business world needs to learn the new technologies to maintain their position, so as teachers we should be proud of our professional statues by not just keeping up but really seeking to learn about the new and innovative ICT’s available.

This bloger, at http://90mez.wordpress.com/ also has an interesting post on how superficial some implementations of ICT can be when teachers don’t understand the quality of learning that can occur when ICT isn’t just about ticking a box, but really is a tool to deepen students learning.


One response to “Why do some teachers think ICT is optional?”

  1. 90mez says :

    Great blog! I especially like how you mentioned my blog 🙂 I couldn’t agree more regarding how some teachers think using ICT is optional. We will get there in their education…the old school teachers I mean 🙂

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