Technology creates ‘Winners’ and ‘Losers’

Wow isn’t this article so true. Neil Postman has highlighted a very important point in “Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change” in a talk delivered in Denver Colorado in March 1998. As I read this article I could think of many examples of how I use technology in comparison to what life looked like before I had a laptop, access to the internet and an iPhone.

For example I shop online, I Google for advice, instead of going to the doctor or reading a reference book. Just this morning my laptop was downloading some software so instead of having to wait to do my banking, I jumped on my iPhone and another job done. There are some obvious winners and losers in these examples, the issue I worry most about is are more or less jobs being created by this rapid advance in technology. It’s obvious many different jobs are being created but overall are there more or less?

I really do wander though what our schools will look like in ten years even five years time! This blog outlines some very good goals for our evolving schools



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