Am I a successful learner? Especially in the ICT department.

I see myself as open to change and I know I love to learn but I can still think of plenty of examples where I held onto my old ways longer than I should have. Maybe we all do it but for a long time I continued to write out my family budget on pen and paper and chose to edit it using a calculator, horrible lines and a change in number, even though my husband kept putting spread sheets in front of me and saying look there’s a better way! Needless to say I am now a huge fan of excel spread sheets and like my husband (who I used to laugh at for having a spread sheet for everything) I too have several.

This course EDC3100 and others in this degree have really helped me to get past my initial fear of how the heck am I going to learn all these new programs and so on to create the assessment piece or a learning activity for my students, but it always has helped me learn. The stress is always in the getting my work in on time but the learning from exploring new ICT’s and engaging with them is always evident. 

When I’m a teacher out in the field however, not needing to complete assignments all the time, I wonder how I’ll go seeking out and pushing myself to identify new and innovative ways to use ICT in the classroom. 


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