Context for Assignment 1

This blog post aims to clarify in my mind how I can go about creating an online artifact that will evidence to a teacher who believes ICT is unnecessary within the classroom to think again.

As pointed out by Sonia Thistlewaite at,  the need to develop a frame work for ‘Assignment 1’ is evident. To successfully complete this assignment I need to create an artifact that points out 3 reasons why I believe ICTs should be used in my teaching practice, for the learning benefits of my students.

I would like to focus on the following three reasons for the use of ICT in the classroom

1. Our future is so full of ICTs, so is our present so how can we help our students to use these ICTs in a safe and meaningful way.

2. ICTs create great opportunities for collaborative learning.

3. They keep students on task! and focused

My context will potentially be in a P-2 classroom, therefore finding very specific ways to help this age group of students use ICTs in their learning will be exciting. I will regularly read my peers blogs for ideas to help and motivate me in the same way that ICTs will encourage my students to learn from and inspire each other.

I have completed an online mind map (at ) of the reasons why I think ICTs are beneficial within learning.  I see this tool as a beneficial one for my students to engage with, as they can work in groups, in an engaging way and then share their illustrations with the class. Scootle has also arisen as a useful tool to find resources for my students.

That’s all for now but hopefully as I pen my ideas down this assignment will become crystal clear.


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