Reflection on how ICTs can be used in a meaningful way!

This EDC3100 course has really helped me to see how just like any other planning and teaching task, we identify what children should learn and then we decide on appropriate resources, activities and teaching instruction to present to our students.

The obvious way then to use ICT for learning then is to decide on what students need

to learning, the learning outcomes and then decide on what resources, activities and teaching instruction needs to be presented but including ICT rich resources, activities and teaching instruction. 

It seems obvious and yet the mistake that the government and schools keep making to base the learning around the new technology s makes it obvious that I need to be conscious of this as an issue in order to fall into the same bad habits. 

Two ideas that I have just added to our EDC3100 forum that I believe ICTs are useful for include;

-How can ICTs help students learn a concept that is difficult to learn or hard to teach.

-Or a tool that helps a student with a particular learning difficulty overcome that hurdle, so they can keep moving forward in their learning and take away alot of the frustration.

My last goal for the week was to find a blog post from outside my EDC3100 group that spoke of how they were using ICTs within the classroom, so this is what I found A World of Wonder at your fingertips. I’m enjoying reading through your blogs including this one on E-Safety which I would like to look more into. 


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