ICT Rich Lessons…What does it mean???

I’m sitting here wondering how I can make my unit plan ICT rich. Well can I say it in a different way, I have used allot of ICT in my unit plan but I’m just not sure if it’s enough. I’m not sure if I’m using it to the best that ICT offers, but as a fellow blogger Tessa posted ICTs can be a great resource to use because it’s a better option, I agree with that and can see how in many situations that is true, editing, sharing with others, for students who can’t fluently read yet and so on there are a huge variety of positives for technology, but what I still can’t get my head around is how do I use ICT to really teach or develop a new concept.

So I started playing around a bit today with some of the scootle resources and I believe that some have some real benefit but I just wander if these resources are still best used once students have some concept or knowledge before they use these resources? I’m not sure! Maybe it comes down to the objective, maybe it comes down to pedagogy.


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