My Current Project.

So I’ve been pottering my way through creating a unit plan around Science for year 1. This needs to be enriched with ICT for the requirements of my course. Thankfully I came up with quite a good concrete idea early on…it doesn’t always happen for me, often I just have to start writing and hope a good idea comes. But even with my concrete idea it’s still taking me a long time to make sure that all my lessons/objectives and assessment pieces align. 

I also just received my mark back from a previous assignment and I did quite well! Of cause I always feel stressed about getting my mark back but now that I can relax about that, I am feeling more enthusiastic to finish my unit plan and who knows, one day I might be about to plan a science lesson for year ones and what do you know I’ll already have one!


I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.


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