Wouldn’t it be nice to think of a school environment with no bullying! Unfortunately now our students not only face it in the school ground but also through ICTs which they engage with even outside of the school ground, which Rosaria pointed out in this blog post. 

I found working through the ACMA website was very helpful, I learnt the following things

1.Don’t be scared of technology, even though it presents us with new problems so have many other new technologies in the past.

2.Students love ICTs and so do teachers, there are many benefits so I have to learn how to use them to effectively teach my students.  

3. Students need to be educated around what to do when cyber bullying happens to them or even (especially) if they are a by stander.

4. Viewing Cyber bullying as a a collective problem enables schools to take leadership and educate the community involved e.g parents, teachers, students, curriculum writers and senior school leaders. 

Very effective website.


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