ICTs I could use while teaching and “Reasons” for them.

List of ICTs I’d like to use in my lessons:

Computers, Cameras, Printers, Google, u tube videos, voki’s, web-quests, scootle, google docs, power point presentations, NGRAM, digital story telling. digital photorgraphy,

List of ICTs I’d like to use in my teaching but might need more practice with:


*This world is rapidly changing and technology is a big part of that, if our students have the opportunity to use ICT they will be better prepared for life.

*ICT used in appropriate ways can be a very effective teaching tool.

*ICT’s are very interesting and often familiar to students and so they are more likely to concentrate on the lesson.

*ICTs force myself as a teacher to be looking for new angles and tools to teach from and with.

*ICTs provide students with the opportunity to connect with many other learners and often engage with current news and information.

*ICT is a great way to research all kinds of topics of interest or to look for trends as in the tool, NGRAM.

Peers Blogs I appreciate


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